Do you ever have evenings where all your productivity feels like it has dried up, or nights when things that you’d normally do to pass the time seem full of a whole lot of nothing? No good movies on TV, only reruns of stuff I’ve already watched; I’m just tired enough to want to sleep the remaining hours of the day away to have a new day at my fingertips, but I know that I’d be up at 5am on a Sunday if I turned in now.

Spending a day in LA always wears me out. Chaos, impatient people and a symphony of honking and blaring music assault my ears – and that’s just on the freeway on my way there. City sidewalks strangle tree roots. Parking signs need to come with a set of Rosetta Stone CDs to help drivers decipher their code. Trash gathers in the gutters. Signs of homelessness are everywhere.

LA’s draw has always fascinated me. I could never live in the thick of it, but whenever I was living out of state, I’d need to see it when I’d come home for a visit. It’s beautiful when you can pull back and behold its colors, its skyline. When I’m in the middle of it, it’s suffocating to me.

On a clear day, the downtown LA skyline is visible from the top floors of our agency. I think I prefer it at that distance, although I appreciate that for others it’s a symbol of so much — dreams that can be achieved, a new start, a place with rich history. For as much as it means to others, however, I’m thankful that, for me, its beauty and meaning can be experienced and gleaned from afar.

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