The Future is Hiring

Our company is seeking a flexible, understanding and nurturing candidate to lead the Communications team and assist in the education of human beings – human beings who have forgotten what meaningful communication is all about; human beings who have buried their heads in the digital space for far too long and who have placed an obscene amount of importance on technology instead of on interacting with each other in person.

This individual will be responsible for pulling people out of their shells, and for reminding them to use their voice as often as they use their hands and fingers on a keyboard or digital keypad. Responsibilities also include encouraging staff to limit their use of email, instant messages, text messages and the like – while at work, and also outside of the office.

The ideal candidate is someone who has never forgotten the value of the spoken word, and who can pick up on nonverbal cues with incredible accuracy. Candidate should also be able to read a room with the same ease by which a modern technology and new media addict goes online.

Job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Redefining “interactive” projects by placing the focus on personal interaction
  • Encouraging people to not only “like” things, but to also articulate why
  • Taking “mobile” to the next level by getting up, walking around and meeting with colleagues in person
  • Developing key learnings from face to face conversations, as well as online conversations – and helping others to do the same
  • Directing staff to unplug and tune in to others as often as they may plug in to distractions and tune out the world
  • Encouraging staff to give more attention to people rather than screens
  • Reintroduction of employees to books and landlines

Preparation, Training and Experience:

Prior experience with online marketing, the Devil (otherwise known as Facebook) and additional types of social media would be helpful for understanding the mindset of your peers, but current engagement with such channels is not required. Excellent oral and written communication skills mandatory. Familiarity, perhaps first-hand, with Information Withdrawal Syndrome strongly recommended.

Managerial Responsibilities:

This individual will rehab and lead a department, often while bearing the weight of the world and being a vessel for a heavy heart.


It’s not that I never go online, that I don’t find satisfaction in certain technologies and that I don’t get enjoyment from the distraction of writing a blog. It’s that I find myself to be incredibly troubled when people are crossing busy intersections and can’t be bothered to look up from whatever gadget is in their hands. I shudder to think of the kids who are being raised by parents that care more about their digital lives than the real-life tiny humans in their presence. I wonder how many modern-day relationships of any variety – friend, lover, colleague, etc. – will be at a disadvantage because of technology that didn’t exist in earlier generations.

I started thinking last night about skills that I want to acquire for myself in my current job, then started thinking about things that employers might seek out 10, 20, 50 – maybe even five years down the road. As a result of said thinking, I wrote a job description that, sadly, might stand a chance of being printed someday.

The key word in all of this? Balance. I’m not saying to swear off technology, its benefits or to stop its advances. I am, in fact, thankful for it; it can allow for the expansion of creativity, communication and can help build relationships. I’m simply saying that I feel like we’re at a turning point, of sorts. Some entertain courses for brushing up on their presentation skills. But this generation makes me think that courses touching on people skills and bedside manner will be necessary – maybe even mandatory – in the future.

Balance, friends. Balance.

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