Life According to a Cloud, Part Two

Sometimes in life, we might feel out of place. It’s a terrible way to feel, because inevitably the comparison begins — and in a world of so many, each of us with different history, any comparison is unfair. You might compare yourself to someone else, to the person you used to be, or you may be impatient to become the person you’ve always imagined yourself to be.

I’ve been on a cloud kick again lately, as I’ve been noticing them more and more. I can get lost in them, inspired by them and, if I let them, they can change my mood in an instant — for better or for worse.

They watch over us often, some days more than others. I’m sure they laugh at our perceived self-importance, our ways, our mistakes — some which we make repeatedly, and I’m sure they love our victories. So what would they say after centuries of observing our crazy world? I think they would have a few good pointers.

1) There are lots of different types of us — different sizes, different colors, some more wispy and some more thick. Remember that we’re all beautiful.

2) Cry when you need to, but realize when the time has come to lose the gray and shine once again.

3) We know extreme highs and lows better than most. Realize that it’s all part of life.

4) You might feel foggy every now and again. This is normal.

5) Some of us move more slowly than others. Slow or fast, we all get there in our own time.

Tonight I am thankful for a cloud’s reminder to be content in being myself, for its reminder to be as much as I can be, and to be at peace knowing that time is unique to each of us. We all have different paths and callings, but we’ll get there in our own time as long as we keep making the effort.

Here’s to making the effort. Daily.

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