Moving on

Posterous announced recently that it will be closing down on April 30th. No more online or mobile apps, no more viewing of blogs.



Yes, I have over 400 days invested in this blog, but it’s not the most heartbreaking news to me. I can back up my posts and transfer them to another service, sure, but in the context of Posterous, I’m sort of glad to see it go. It hasn’t been without its issues, and that’s just in my relatively short time of using it. I can only imagine the angst that others might’ve experienced.

Service disruptions. Missing posts. As it is, my last post that’s visible is from Monday. Being that we’re now on Friday, what happened to the other days? I wrote, I published, they posted. They’re accessible through some links, but not all — and not at all times. Sometimes they show up, other times they don’t. Seriously? Thumbs down.

Moving on can be a good thing. There has been little consistency, and lack of consistency bugs me — with things, and with people. If you’re in, be in. If you’re not, please scoot.

And it seems they’re doing just that, but likely for other reasons.

While Thanky will continue, I hope, it will have a new beginning. A new platform. A new lease on life. I didn’t pick the change, but sometimes it’s the change that’s forced upon us that really opens our eyes as to how lacking certain things have been, and how much better they can be elsewhere.

For change, I am thankful.

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