I often say that I have no problem writing (stories and the like) about things that are dark, depressing, negative, catastrophic. There’s something about the drama that I like, although I try my best to shun it on a daily basis in my own life.

I like a lot of movies that aren’t all sunshine and roses. Some of my favorite characters are the bad guys who have a shady side and intentions that are less than honorable.

But when it comes to my own offerings, I try to put something better than that out into the world; I consider it an obligation. It’s too easy to keep the bad going — to keep it festering, if you will. It feels like far too many enjoy paying forward the chaos, the trauma. If we all have our own gifts that we’re supposed to use for good, then good I shall focus on.

Thanky came to be after reading from a daily devotional book I started at the beginning of 2012. More than a year later, here we are. Not every story is positive, and not every story is a good read. Some of them are hastily written as the moments just before midnight are ticking down, others seem impatient to maybe their way onto paper — er, screen. Funny or boring, sad or ranty, I’ve found that trying to see the positive in all of them and identifying that for which I’m grateful has shaped my mindset for the better over the last fourteen months.

Obligations are something we all know a lot about. They’re the result of life, of choices, of circumstance or of honor. Some we gladly take on, day in and day out; others we resign ourselves to. Then there are those things that we turn into obligations because we recognize them as gifts. We see their potential to give light to the darkness, hope to the weary and reassurance to a world full of broken dreams. It’s not always easy and the effects of Thanky may not be far-reaching, but maybe in time my offerings will be more. Until then, seeing the positive and being grateful is always a good thing.

And I think we need more good.

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