The Snooze Button

I don’t mean to seem 76 instead of 36, but sometimes I play a game in the evenings. It’s a game in which I see how early I can get to bed. Tonight is one of those nights.

After work I went to my shoulder physical therapy, checked in on my honeymooning brother’s condo, arrived home, made a turkey taco salad, caught up on work emails, turned on Iron Chef America and put my feet up. If I play my cards right, I might just turn in by 9pm. And when it comes to obtaining maximum snoozage, as I like to call it, I’m in.

There are some nights when my energy is never-ending. I’ll plan and browse and create and dream, with no regard for the clock ticking away. Nights like tonight, I have a cold brewing, a hankering for chicken soup (not a salad) and a wish for unbroken sleep. I can’t recall the last time I had the latter.

Tonight, it feels like the stars will align. It feels like my wish might not be too much to ask, and it seems like even the cat is in need of some extra cat-nappery. I’m ready to hit snooze on today, and on my clock, the time between hitting that button and the alarm going off is about 8.5 hours. How fantastic. For all these things, I am thankful.

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