The Dollar House

“Rehab Addict” on HGTV featured a house that was saved from demolition and restored to its original(ish) beauty. The home was purchased for a dollar.

It made me think about what’s important in life. Hint: it’s not money, although that’s certainly good to have and can go a long way.

It’s the elbow grease. It’s fighting for what you know is right. It’s pride in a job well done. It’s clicking with a good group of people who deliver on what they say and whose word you never doubt. It’s knowing you can trust someone with your dreams.

A little money can get the ball rolling, but the hard work is where it’s at. Sitting back and realizing that something can live or die by your hands is powerful. It can be a home renovation, a personal project or a relationship. If it’s meant to be, you’ll feel it yield to your touch. It can be shaped, encouraged and will take on new life. When it doesn’t, it could be time to move on…but even then, it’s still possible to be proud of everything you gave.

Tonight I am thankful for the reminder of the dollar house. It’s not getting something for nothing that’s important to me, it’s turning nothing into something beautiful that I love.

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