The Outlet

Outlets are a funny thing in that you have to put something in before you get anything out.

Whether you’re plugging in a radio, vacuum, mixer, coffee maker — everything needs a source to draw from in order to work.

On my way into the office a few days ago, I was thinking about how lucky I am to have an outlet — a writing outlet, in this case. Not everyone has time for one, and if there is time, not everyone knows what they’d want to do; I’ve been there. It’s a very depleting feeling.

I’m not saying this blog is necessarily going to win any awards, but I adore it. I look forward to sitting down and writing at the end of each day the same way I look forward to my first cup of coffee each morning. It’s an outlet, but only because I put in the time on a daily basis to make it one. If this was a once or few-times-a-year thing, it would be a diversion, a brief time-filler. Nothing more.

For me, I demand much of my outlets. Each of them needs to calm, inspire, excite, invigorate, spark new ideas and make me think. If it doesn’t, the dreaded void rears its ugly head; something is left unfulfilled, and my outlet hasn’t done its job. This blog has yet to fail me on any of those levels. Even the most boring or pointless of daily writings still makes me think and still inspires me to write better next time — although its message usually (strangely?) resonates with at least one person…and that’s exciting.

Music does the same thing this blog does: it keeps me coming back for more because it delivers on its demands each and every time. Although I’ve shelved one keyboard for another and the metronome for a mouse lately, I’ve been feeling the pull to get back to my musical roots. And when an outlet calls, I owe it my attention.

Tonight I an thankful for the outlets in my life and for my ability to spend time with them, care for them and develop them. It’s a two-way street, and for as much as they give me, I am determined to give them my energy, my focus.

Here’s to exploring our outlets, creating and inspiring across all our days.

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