You know those days where everything is going non-stop and, before you know it, you look at the clock and you realize you’ve been in the office for 12.5 hours? All of the project-juggling seems to have accelerated time and you can’t remember the last time you drank something, ate something or had just a few moments to mindlessly stare out the window.

That was my day. My brain is fried.






While jam-packed, the most concerning thing about it was wondering if I’d get home and find cars parked in front of the house (which means my trash barrels would be denied), or whether my new adopted kitty had decided to think outside the box…if you get my drift.

Upon pulling onto my street, I saw that my barrels did, in fact, have room curbside. Score. (It’s the little things.)

When I walked into the house, I was so tired I felt like I had a strong buzz going on. I was woozy, wobbly and light-headed, not unlike the way you imagine a newborn giraffe might feel…a giraffe with a penchant for vino. I wondered how I’d just driven home. Hm. Curious.

When I found le kitten, he had behaved all day and was waiting for me with a tiny half purr, half high-pitched meow.

My dinner of champions (read: egg whites) left much to be desired, but I was starting to feel like a human being again.

I sat down on the carpet to blog via app and the little furball crawled up into my lap; I had no idea until this evening that he was a lap cat. His eyes shut and he was immediately calm.

They say you shouldn’t let life pass you by, and life practically did today. I saw that it was raining at one point, but didn’t get a chance to enjoy the gray beauty. I saw the clouds begin to break late in the afternoon, giving way to rays of sunlight; I didn’t get more than three seconds to admire the heavenly scene before me.

Aside from my morning coffee, the most calming part of my day was when my lap became a warm bed for a kitten, even if only for a few moments. He reminded me about the importance of finding a little place each day — or as often as possible — where you can feel safe, relaxed and where you can enjoy simply being.

Tonight I am thankful for the lesson I was reminded of by none other than my kitten. The other lesson he’s currently reminding me of? To have a ball — preferably one with jingly bells inside. Oy.

After a long day, I think it’s going to be a long night.

Sigh. Night, y’all.

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