The Cheering Section

When someone tells you that something can’t be done, what’s your usual reaction?

Resentment, followed by action? Determination, followed by a series of backup plans being developed so as to not fail? Defeat? Do you move on and conjure up a different goal or dream?

I’m usually in the first or second camp. I can’t imagine how much different of a person I’d be if I felt defeated every time someone said no, or how different my support structure would be.

Parents, friends, teachers of all kinds would be different…all of them wouldn’t be who they are today. Some might say that maybe they’d all be the same, and that perhaps my perception of them is driven by how I’m wired. But I think otherwise. I draw from them, therefore they are me. If I’m different, then they’re different.

I wonder whose words will ring in my ears if I ever see a dream become reality; I wonder whose words will fill my thoughts when I’m in the winter of my life, or if I’m on my death bed. I can’t say now, but I do know that the words will come from my support structure — my cheering section. From those who have been with me from day one to those a bit more recent, the words will come from those who care — who care to be present in my life and encourage, inspire, praise, guide and keep pace with me through the ups, downs, things in between, above and below.

Tonight I am thankful for my cheering section that’s gotten me through more than they’ll ever know, and for their energy that sustains me — day in and out.

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