What if?

If you knew how your life would end, and when it would end, would you do things differently?

If you knew you’d pass from an undetected illness that suddenly appeared, would you trade the years you lived for fifty more if your condition was known and your early years had to be replayed in a bubble-wrapped world? Or would you keep them as-is with no regrets?

Would you have a list full of “I should have” statements, or an album full of “I’m glad I did” memories?

Would you look back and be proud of what your contributions were? Would you like your obituary?

Would you feel like you checked the boxes on your goals, or would those boxes be empty with a string of excuses and years of procrastination instead?

Would you like the person you were known as? Would you want to be the person that others describe?

Tonight I am thankful for the “do” that every minute, hour or day can provide, for the reinventing that can happen if we’re not feeling that the path we’re on is where we want to be, and for the limitless action we can take — so long as we have the desire and a compass that at least partially works. Here’s to enjoying all our days, and to making our remaining days ones for which we’re proud to be known.

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