Some people

There are people we know we could never see again and we’d be just fine without. Then there are those whose absence we feel right away.

Some people leave a mark on our spirits with one glance, one word. Others take a bit longer to know, but their presence is equally impactful.

Some people become friends when the majority become acquaintances.

Some become lifelong partners in crime when others fall by the wayside.

When we meet people who we immediately realize can have an effect on our lives, we may want to embrace them or run the other way; we might want to resist their influence, or maybe it’s something we’d immediately crave.

People can have a profound influence on our lives, and we might not know how profound until a good decade or two has passed. For those who know right away, how fortunate. And to those for whom it takes a while to sink in, better late than never — right?

Tonight I am thankful for my best friends, for their presence in my life and their footprints they leave on my soul. Many come in and out of our lives, but only a precious few will have a permanent home in our hearts.

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