Life Support

As I listened to a news report about a nation’s icon in critical condition and a country rallying around him on the streets below, it struck me how varied life support can be.

Yes, it’s something that can keep us alive. It’s something that sustains our breath for a few more hours, weeks or months. It stretches out our lives and hopes that we’ll once again take control of the reins.

Machines aside, rallying around a well-known leader or a family’s loved one is its own form of life support. We support their fight to go on. We support all that they’ve stood for. We support those in the medical profession who are there at all hours of the day, and we support every ounce of effort that is pouring in from all corners of that person’s world. People may not be there for us around the clock, but my guess is that when we need them, they’ll come running.

And they have.

Who needs your support? Do you know what kind of support they need? It may not be a machine that keeps them breathing, but it could be something as simple as a smile. A hello. A pat on the back. It could be an invitation, a phonecall, a letter, a card or a small gift for no reason. It could be an email, a text or a casual drop-in on their life to see how things are going.

Compliments or instances of admiration cross our mind often, and we don’t always tell the other person about them. If they did something well, let them know. If their cause is noble and inspires you, speak up. If there’s something their doing in their life that you’re in awe of — even if you’re a little jealous — get over it. Give them some life support, because you never know what you’ll get in return. Maybe you’ll find your own niche or personal project that others will admire.

Life support can be a positive circle and a chain reaction if we want it to be, and for it I am thankful. Let’s share our love, contribute to the support and not stop just because one chapter might be over. Let’s write a new one and continue on.

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