The Sneaky Weasel

Preparation is like a sneaky weasel. Entertain it when you have a free moment — give it some attention here and there — and things generally maintain their order. Ignore it and it’ll catch you off guard…each and every time.

Preparation is the thing which tells us that if we’re up before our alarm goes off, there might be a reason for it. Is there something you could — or should — be doing?

Preparation occasionally masquerades as routine. Doing something day in and day out — something that might seem tedious but necessary — is the thing you’ll look back on with a sense of pride when you realize all those days paid off. Maybe it’s preparing for a race or an event, or perhaps it’s the day when a simple hobby becomes more and earns you a few extra bucks. Maybe it’s fitting into a bridesmaid dress.

Preparation removes the uncertainty, allows for restful nights and a clear conscience.

Is there something looming that needs your attention? Are you doing your part, or saving up your energy to hope that luck pays you a visit?

Tonight I’m thankful for preparation, planning and realizing that even if things don’t ultimately go the way we’d like, we’ve done our best and set ourselves up for continued efforts in the future. It feels good to prepare. It feels even better when we see the fruits of our labor.

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