The Tomorrow String

One of the most interesting things about this world that we all share is tomorrow.

Tomorrow. It means a clean start full of fresh offerings, radiant hope and exciting potential.

Tomorrow. It asks that we all hang in there so that we can give it a chance and see what it delivers.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, occasionally dreaded, but always just around the corner.

Tomorrow inspires doing, yet also spurs complacency. The latter is a slippery slope, because putting something off for a day could ultimately make it irretrievable.

One day becomes one week, then one month. Before you know it, it’s been a year of nothing — nothing but tomorrows that have banded together like an impenetrable force that challenges you to break through it.

Can you?

Tomorrow is a blessing and a gift, but it’s a gift we can easily — and inadvertently — take advantage of.

Tonight I am thankful for remembering that the gift of tomorrow can also be a stumbling block. The tomorrow string wants to clothesline us, but if we can harness its potential, we can be the ones in control.

What are you putting off?

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