Tucker’s Angel

When I walk into my office each morning, my lights automatically come on. This morning, I noticed they were already illuminated. Someone had been in there.

I scanned my desk to see if someone had dropped off a printout, an expense check or some sort of document, but I didn’t notice anything.

Once I set my purse and lunch down, however, I spotted it.

A small, yellow envelope was on my computer keyboard. It was addressed to Tucker, my rescue who has been in poor health lately. I opened it and read the following:

Get well soon, Tucker! And be a good kitty, too.

It was a message that felt like an exhale in an envelope. The past two weeks have been challenging, and while we’re not completely done with the vet appointments, it reminded me of how far he’s come.

But there was more. Inside the envelope, there was cash — quite a bit of it. I was moved to tears.

I hadn’t made the vet expenses a secret while I was filling people in on Tucker’s predicament, but I wasn’t trying to hint at needing assistance, either. The fact that the card wasn’t signed, however, indicated that I was simply holding a good deed — a deed that I’d be able to one day pay forward.

Someone listened, someone wanted to help, and someone wished to remain anonymous.

I began making my way around the office to try to find the person who felt compelled to reach out in such a moving manner. I eventually found out who had left the Tucker envelope in my office, and anonymity is still preferred. I shall oblige.

…but not without saying that I have never before felt so humbled.

I’ve never before felt like a person who would be so fortunate to experience such an act in her life.

I’ve never before had my faith in humanity restored the way it was this morning, and not because of any money — simply because of the care, the heart, the thought, and the time that was taken.

For angels among us, for an act of kindness so big it ushered in a waterfall of tiny tears, and for the opportunity to be able to help someone the way I was helped today, I am more than thankful.

I am inspired.

I am blessed.

Thank you, Tucker’s angel.

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