One Tile

Have you ever looked at the events in your life and wondered where they’re all going, where they’re leading you?

One moment isn’t a lot, neither is one memorable day, one vacation nor one life event. As they add up, however, a mosaic is created — a patchwork quilt of blues and grays for the struggles, while pastels and primary colors illustrate the joys and love in our lives.

It’s not unlike one tile in an entire backsplash. On its own, it is beautiful but incomplete. All together, its presence, purpose and beauty is undeniable.

But a backsplash doesn’t go up in the blink of an eye. Nothing makes full sense until it’s complete, so along the way our job is to enjoy the process, make sure were doing things correctly, taking care, keeping our eye on the prize and looking forward to being able to reflect on a job well done.

A life well-lived.

A world respected and loved.

Tonight I am thankful for my constant diet of home renovation shows on HGTV and an unintentional lesson in life thanks to a kitchen makeover. Some tiles may take a bit of finessing to fit, but at the end of it all, looking back across our tiles will be a moment we’ve worked hard for.

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