It fits.

“You get what you get, and you don’t have a fit.”

I’ve heard the saying before, but it comes to mind a lot these days. Some seem to think a sense of entitlement plagues younger generations, but I think it spans the ages. I think having a fit fits with the times.

We live in an age where fast isn’t fast enough, and where good isn’t good enough. We have wealth that many think is never enough, health that we seemingly live to undermine, and room to give instead of take.

Although the customer is always right is a good rule of thumb for business, those who scheme and take advantage of it undermine its original purpose. It’s a domino effect which can take one selfish example of bad behavior and force it to spawn others. Before we know it, the cycle has been perpetuated across years, generations and is soon an acceptable part of life. And it’s a shame.

The same way that some styles stand the fashion test of time, something else does, too: humility. Respect. Remembering that we’re all in this together. The things that will always fit — the things that will always be in demand — are the things that separate us from other living creatures: a sense of right and wrong, a sense of gratitude, and the ability to be peacekeepers amid the strife.

Tonight I am thankful for a familiar phrase’s reminder that having a fit is so easy, not to mention played out. But if we choose to work on our acceptance of the less than ideal parts of life and work hard to get through this world in step with our fellow man, that will always be a fit worth pursuing.

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