The Rut

This blog is the product of some inspiration that came my way after starting a book of daily devotions I bought at the beginning of January 2012. Since then, with the exception of one day, I’ve written daily — by midnight in whatever time zone I happen to be in.

I was on a roll earlier this year. I purchased the 2013 devotional book, read its short passages nightly and, of all things, managed to go on a five-month streak of making my bed every morning. It may not sound impressive, but it’s huge for me. A nasty snooze button habit means most days see a hasty smoothing-out of my sheets and comforter versus a proper bed-making. But this year began with daily beautification of my bedroom, complete with decorative pillows carefully placed atop an inviting place to rest. Since May, I’ve made my bed inconsistently, at best.

I’ve also been inconsistent with my devotions. “Inconsistent” meaning I’ve read maybe six or seven since just before the official start of summer.

Bed-making and daily devotion issues also have me wondering about the future of this blog. To continue writing each day, or to change up the frequency? I will finish out the year the same way it began, but I’m kicking around Thanky options for 2014 and beyond.

Three little things have me internally fidgety these days — I’m feeling unsettled. I should be excited to read my book of daily devotions, but I’m not so I don’t. The nights when I do dust off my book, I read the words but they don’t resonate within me. I’m in a rut.

I’m in a rut with my bed-making, with this blog, and I’m wondering where my inspiration has gone. It has changed right along with the seasons, and it scares me a little bit.

Will my focus return? Is this the beginning of a downward spiral and will these things permeate other areas of my life? Should I get up a little earlier and force myself to make my bed until the habit kicks in? Should I allow 30 minutes each night to not only read from my devotion book — but also to quietly reflect on it?

I know the answers, as these are relatively small issues when they could be so much bigger. But sometimes when we get into a rut, all we can do is complain about our environment versus actively seeking to change it. It’s easy to talk about it and mull it over; it’s easy to marinate on why you’re in it, how much you wish it didn’t exist and to remember how great you once felt.

Hold on to the latter and take a step. Forward. Out of the rut. Remember your better days, your routine that made you feel centered, grounded and claw your way back to it. When all is said and done, your rut is partially there because of you, so give it your best boot and then see where that takes you. My guess is that you’ll find yourself among new surroundings in no time at all.

Tonight I am thankful for ruts and their nudging to get us to do something. The bigger the rut, the bigger the step. The smaller the rut the easier it is to resign yourself and accept it — but with a bit of focus and determination, even the smallest of trenches will be nothing more than a tiny bump in the road of life.

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