Lawn Surgery

A water leak resulted in the casa’s front yard being dug up today. OK, not the whole yard, but a house-to-sidewalk trench almost two feet deep.

After nine hours, the scarred landscape was put back together. The yard took on a Frankenstein appearance, its battle wound quite visible. Crabgrass stitches held the lawn together, dirt bruised its surface.

Underneath it all, however, new arteries were in place. Gone were the issues, the years which had taken their toll, the proof of time. A rusty, corroded artifact had been plucked from the ground 55 years after its burial and replaced with something nearly indestructible.

When we go through a rough patch or deal with a deep, long-standing issue, the process is never easy. It might leave our surface marred and we’ll inevitably receive some bruises, but the trouble is all worth it in the long run. We’ll deliver when we’re called upon and the long haul might even seem a bit less daunting. Let the issue fester, and good luck not seeing it affect other areas of your life. Tackle it and heal.

Tonight I am thankful for the lawn surgery which spoke of those insecurities and burdens we cling so tightly to, but which are often detrimental to our personal growth. For knowing that nipping it in the bud is sometimes the best way to deal with an issue, I am grateful.

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