November Sky

The shadows began growing longer by the time we were over Kansas. It’s been years since I’ve visited the state, but it still managed to appear equally calm and pleasant from above. No time to visit today, though. I’m making my way further east.

A haze was settling over the landscape below, and something about its fuzzy appearance matched perfectly with the white noise which filled the cabin. The week has been long, and both the land 35,000 feet underneath and my fellow travelers are quiet, winding down for a weekend and breathing a soft sigh of relief for Saturday being just around the corner.

Waking up on a plane as it passes through the middle of nowhere is quite pleasant. Before I fully come to, I’m reminded of three things.

One, we are not as important as we think we are; we are specks on the planet. We’re at the mercy of the climate and the delicate balance our world manages to maintain. Mother Earth is incredible.

I’m also reminded of those below who aren’t visible, but whose struggles might be as expansive as the horizon before us. May they find peace despite their burdens and hydration in their storms.

Last, no matter what life brings our way, there will always be either a headwind or tailwind at play. During those times when the going gets tough, acknowledge the difficulty and keep your chin up. Inevitably the winds of change will pay you a visit, and the tailwind, which in time will find you, will feel like a magic carpet ride.

Today I am thankful for travel-inspired musings and the perspective they impart. Their wisdom and truth feel a bit more clear when accompanied by a heavenly view, but no doubt there will be more that make themselves known upon touching down.

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