Green Means Go.

When the light is green, the last thing you want to do is come to a dead stop. Might seem like a no-brainer, but someone did it today. Right in front of us.

The impact it could’ve had — both literal and otherwise — would have been far-reaching.

It’s green. Why is she stopping?

The brakes never squealed but we stopped in time. I don’t know how we did. What was her deal? Is she oblivious?!

We tend to think of roadblocks as things that mean we should quit. Maybe we think that we should turn around or find a new course, but sometimes if we stay the course, we can still get there while also learning a lesson or two. Even from the oblivious.

One, drivers can do some really dumb things. They stop when it’s green and don’t think enough to check their mirrors to see who’s behind them and who might end up an unnecessary victim of said driver’s stupidity. If you’re on the road of life, don’t be abrupt or rash in your actions.

Two, the thing that taught you a lesson in keeping your eyes open may also teach you another. Today’s second lesson was in patience. After creeping away from her dead stop, the driver slowly inched up a winding road to the airport. Fantastic. But at least this time it meant we were all going slowly. Slamming in one’s brakes from 10 mph seems far more ideal than doing it at 50.

Three, when there’s one road in and one road out, use caution. Just because there’s not an alternate route doesn’t mean you won’t have your share of issues — in fact, you may have more than average. We might never know why they were placed in our path or what they’re supposed to teach us, but it may dawn upon us one day. Or it might not. That’s life for you.

When the light is green, go. Proceed with caution, don’t floor it, follow at a safe distance and remember to check your mirrors. Don’t let a nuisance bring you down, but do respect its presence. It might save you from a bigger issue just around the bend.

For a lesson taught in the mountains of West Virginia and for safe arrivals by land and by air, I am thankful.

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