Azalea Sky

We’ve had the most magnificent sunrises lately.

The other day I noticed that the kitchen had a strange pink hue about it. “How odd,” I thought. Odd until I looked outside.

It was just after 6am and the sky seemed to be awash with azaleas. Fuchsia clouds popped against a quiet blue sky, a sky still struggling to wake up along with the rest of us fumbling through our morning coffee routine. But the clouds were ready to go — ready to show off their brilliance to anyone who cared to look.

Mornings aren’t my favorite time of day — in fact, they’re perhaps my least favorite. I tend to be more of a dusk girl, and I definitely love a late night. But these mornings have a firm grip on my soul. This morning the kitchen was once again awash with color, but it wasn’t nearly as vivid as the pink; it was more of a coral, but still very impressive.

Sometimes I feel like Mother Nature gives us a gentle nudge, encouraging our eyes to open a bit wider so they can take in the world around us — a world that we’d prefer not to see at that hour. But since we’re up, why not give us a treat? We did the hard work and dragged our bodies out of bed, after all. It’s like a little gift for those who leave the comfort of cozy bedding and toasty pajamas. She’s amazing like that sometimes.

Tonight I am thankful for beautiful mornings and vibrant colors in the sky that ease us into the day. They’re a close second to my beloved stars, but if I can’t have those, I’ll certainly take a kaleidoscope of colors to start off my morning.

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