The Key

“To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven. The same key opens the gates of hell.”

I watched a documentary this evening about Richard Feynman and the above quote is true — so painfully true.

“And so it is with science” is how the quote concludes.

Science, yes.

And business.

And politics. And life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

So it is with advertising, acting, parenting and everything in between.

We all have a key. Do we use it for good or bad?

Do we become a ruler with an iron fist or a listener and ponderer — someone who weighs the options and who thinks before speaking?

Do we claw our way to the top, or form a human chain of success?

In our day to day, might think we need to be a certain way to get to our version of heaven, but we often forget how easy it is to unlock a door to hell. We might unlock it unknowingly, or we might not even know the difference — one more painful truth.

“There is pleasure in recognizing old things from a new viewpoint.

Another Feynman quote. Taken out of context, I’m sure, but it makes me think of this: It’s always surprising to realize we might’ve been going about something all wrong. But when we realize it and choose to use our key differently, there is beauty.

Tonight I am thankful for the idea of the key used for good, for the idea of a key misused and for the pleasure that indeed comes from realizing the old — that everyone can be wrong — and realizing the new…that it could be us.

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