It was somewhat of a surprise that the baby rhino had been orphaned. But it was an even bigger shock when it befriended a warthog.

In Ireland, Doogie the lone dolphin befriends Ben the Lab. Both swim for hours, though one will never tire. The other will draw from the dolphin’s energy, occasionally getting a helping hand (fin?) when swimming takes its toll.

In yet another corner of the globe, a young wild boar separated from its mother finds comfort and belonging among cows. The farmer is amazed.

Odd pairings, yes. But so interesting.

We’re conditioned to think that some things are truth, that certain things are meant for other things only. Animals with similar animals. Certain types of people with others who are a likely, obvious fit.

Yet every day we are met with examples of things that don’t fit. Things that don’t seem to work. Things that aren’t a match.

Each time an unlikely pair takes shape, however, there is amazement — just like the farmer had. There is appreciation for what a union can teach us…others…the world. Opposites are unlikely, but opposites can, in fact, attract.

Tonight I am thankful for what unlikely pairings can teach us, for what they open our eyes to and for the adventure they inherently hold.

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