Movie Magic

Anyone been watching Hallmark Channel this season? If you have, maybe it’s because you’ve watched it before. Me, this is my first season.

Newsflash (or maybe not so much): I’m a crier. Therefore, my newfound channel is, in fact, made for me.

Tonight’s feature, Christmas in Conway, has it all: a story that tugs at your heartstrings, peppered with little scenes where you find yourself snickering through all the sniveling. Then there are the network’s commercials themselves…holy moly. Not a good evening to use a paper towel as a tissue, I’ll tell you that — it’ll see a lot of action, and the schnoz will see a lot of redness.

I’ve been a crier for as long as I can remember. Yes, sometimes the scenes are so well written and touching that they’ll inspire some waterworks, but it’s mostly because I’ll put myself in the situation of the characters that makes me a bit emotional.

A wife dying is sad. But her husband’s emotion makes me wonder if anyone would ever feel that way about me.

A daughter losing her mother is sad, though her strength in the film is inspiring and she triumphs in the end. But would I be as strong? Would I — could I — even go on living without mine?

A man recreating the best parts of his relationship with his wife for her Christmas present is touching and beautiful — but would anyone ever do that for me?

I guess at the end of the day my takeaway isn’t simply that I’ll shed a tear due to movie magic, but that it instead shines a light on my insecurities. Will I be strong enough in times of loss, worthy enough in times of love, valued enough for someone to chase rainbows and capture the stars?

I guess it remains to be seen. Many have been baffled by my tears. They say that movies are based on someone’s imagination, but I prefer to think of them the way the characters in Only You speak of love songs: they’re not a cruel hoax that feed people’s fantasies, somebody wrote them — therefore they came out of someone’s experience.

Tonight I am thankful for movies that move me to tears, no matter how cheesy. Whether they’re from someone’s experience or not, they inevitably teach me something about an area in which I can grow, about what I want and about what’s most important to me in life. And if that’s not a good movie with its own kind of magic, I don’t know what is.

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