Save yourselves!

Holy hell, y’all. I am one festering sickie.

What began as an annoying sickness last weekend has taken not one, not two, not even three or four days to erupt — but a whopping five days before this bug decided to come out and really shows its true colors. Day five was yesterday, and sleeping last night was — well, challenging. As in there wasn’t much of it.

Dear lady I walked behind in the mall last Saturday: I generally make a habit of avoiding sneeze wakes instead of walking through them, but unfortunately I couldn’t avoid yours. Moreover, I was yawning when it happened. Fantastic. You essentially gave me mouth-to-mouth and sneezed into my corpse while doing so. Thanks a lot. You’re gross.

Being the germ magnet that I tend to be, I am often tackled mercilessly by airplane cooties and travel funk. Post-travel, I’m usually walloped by a migraine. Work-wise, naturally I’m down to my last sick day until March 19th of this year (yep, counting down the days until my stash reloads). As such, I’ve turned into the loser who comes into work sick. I must be saving that one day for when I’m on, like, life-support or something. I’m that girl who really needs to start a year off with, like, 364 sick days.

OK, that’s extreme. But I’m still that girl.

All the tea that I’ve bought because of pretty boxes, sweet names and lovely aromas over the past two years has finally been consumed. Tea has turned into the kitchen version of books for me. I frequently purchase both and, up until very recently, both have been very much untouched.

Oh, there’s a picture of cake on that cover? I’ll buy that book. [Unread.]

Country Peach Passion tea? Sounds lovely. [Unconsumed.]

Pink cover with sparkly bedazzles on that novel? [Purchased. Unread.]

Magical tea for bedtime with promises of bringing on my slumber with record speed? [Purchased. Unconsumed.]

One of my resolutions this year is to read more. I read a book on the first of the year, I’m pleased to say. Tea didn’t even need to become a resolution — I just had to get really, really, really sick. Yay me.

Not sure how your resolutions are going, or if you even make them, but my new year’s wish for you is that you steer clear of this web of evil (read: my cold) that I’ve clearly wandered into. When it first hit me, I found myself looking up meningitis; my head felt like an over-inflated semi truck tire. Earlier tonight, my search was for pneumonia. I promise I’m not a hypochondriac, but if this goes on much longer, “walking dead” will likely be my next search. Unfortunately, I speak not of the series.

The world doesn’t need an icky post about my sickness, however, so this’ll be the end of tonight’s. As for my thankful tidbit, I’m appreciative this gunk has let me live another day, although I’d love for it to find its way to the door sooner rather than later. Send good vibes, please…and thanky!

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