When the simplest plans go awry, you begin to wonder what’s conspiring against you.

All I needed to do was stop by the pharmacy on my way home…but then I realized I needed to get gas, as well.

Two things. Two simple things.

My brain was on it. Recalculating route.

I pulled into the gas station and realized it looked empty from a distance because it was completely, utterly closed. Figured I’d exit the station and make a U-turn to head toward another one nearby that I knew of.

U-turns not allowed.

Recalculating route.

Up and over a freeway overpass I went, all the while thinking how far out of my way I was going. Heading in the exact opposite direction from where I needed to be, I wished I would’ve gone for the U-turn after all. There are more illegal things out there.

As my drive went on, I was detoured some more. A crowd of people holding “Jesus Saves” signs were causing a traffic jam.

OK, I’ll go this way.

Road work a mile later had lanes blocked off.

OK, I’ll go that way.

Cars were blocking a major intersection and, instead of adding to them, I bypassed the chaos.

Recalculating route. My brain was beginning to run out of options. I know Anaheim well, but I’d rather not traverse most parts after dark.

When I finally got to the second gas station, my pump was broken; its keypad was done for the day, and I almost was, too.

I backed up and found a working pump, finally fueled up, made it to the pharmacy and was on my way home.

My brain couldn’t take anymore route recalculations, and fortunately it wouldn’t need to worry about it. I began the familiar left-right-left-right -left turns through the streets behind my house and have never seen a more welcoming driveway.

I was home. Finally.

Those little things that may obstruct our paths are the very things that may save us from bigger issues. We’ll never know what might have been lurking, and it would certainly be easy to assume that nothing would’ve happened at all. But without actually having been there, how can we be sure?

Tonight I am thankful for safe navigation through the maze of life.

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