The Not Day

Is it 1979? Because I’m fairly confident my brain today could pass as being the sole inspiration for Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.”

Days like today make me want to throw in the towel for this blog. Because, really, it is what it first set out to be: a collection of daily writings — and the daily part sometimes messes with my head, like it was today. I felt like I’d hit a brick wall. Aside from being topic-less, I know it’s time to evolve it but I haven’t quite settled on how to best do that.

Numb. My brain was numb from the moment I woke. It was one of those days where my little gray cloud traveled with, and I didn’t care much about shooing it away. We haven’t had inclement weather in quite some time, so I suppose that may be a reason I let it hang around.

I was hoping I’d find time during the lunch hour to blog, but nothing came to mind. No interesting thoughts or sights on the way to work, nothing part of the workday that stood out as being especially noteworthy. I figured I’d find something I’m the way home. Please, please let me find something on the way home. Writing can’t be a struggle tonight.


Nice try.

Wanting not much more than to turn in early but imagining the worst — sitting at the computer until the midnight deadline — I forced myself to identify a lovely gem or two from the day as I pulled into the driveway this evening. I got out of my car and, wouldn’t you know it, there it was — faint in the night air and almost drowned out by the Santa Ana winds and distant freeway buzz, but unmistakable: church bells. I never get tired of listening to them.

Another lovely gem came an hour later in the form of jasmine tea. I’ve had a soft spot for it for years, but tonight’s tea took me to Arizona — to the Biltmore, to be exact. The tea reminded me of the resort’s meandering pathways, orange trees and dry, breezy evenings. I’ve walked those paths on many occasions with stars high overhead, more clear than any stars you can see in the middle of Orange County; less light pollution to muddy the view makes for a walk among the heavens. My cup of tea ended too soon.

But wait — one more bright spot wasn’t about to be left out: Juno. On TV.

Sometimes the writing comes easily (I never said it was necessarily good), sometimes not. Today was one of those not days. Not really full of highs, not really full of lows. Not particularly good, not particularly bad. Writing did not come easily, inspiration did not flow freely. The one thing I’m thankful for about not days, however, is that they force you to find something that makes them good — because there’s always something good. While I didn’t think I’d find one, I ended up finding three things to be thankful for, and that leads me to another not. Those little things that are right under our collective nose are the things we should not forget about, for they may hold the power to light a corner of our day that otherwise felt a bit dim.

For them I am grateful.

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