The Rain Wish

I arrived home from Christmas day festivities at 11:11pm, and it was 70 degrees outside. A warm wind had been blowing for almost 24 hours, and it felt like it should be any season other than winter. Back in the ’90s, I remember appreciating warm Christmases when I’d come home from college in Michigan; something […]

Elementary Appreciation.

My evening walk takes me past the elementary school I attended from kindergarten through third grade. A lot about it is the same, but much is completely different. There’s a scrolling LED sign in place of the old marquee which held changeable, firm letters. It’s the new millenium’s way of announcing the important things, I […]

Country Road

The official start of summer was just around the corner. It was May of 1997, and I was heading home to California from Michigan after a long spring semester. The drive normally took me four days if I didn’t drive at breakneck speed, but then again, I was motoring along in a Plymouth Colt at […]