Keep the Peace

I started looking online for solutions more than a month ago. Nothing seemed like it would work. The holidays are magical to me. I love putting the tree up right after Thanksgiving and coming home to it each evening. With all the lights on a timer, it would greet me through the plantation shutters when […]


Although I prefer a rainy day to a sunny one, I will say this about sunlight: it can make even the most drab of items shine. Discarded junk takes on a heavenly aura when the sun is out. The colors found in a pile of trash make up a rainbow of history. Mother Nature takes on […]

A new light.

I’ve never much cared for it, as I’d prefer a pepper, fern pine or white birch tree to the carrotwood that’s in front of the house. But tonight I found new love for it. It recently received a haircut, and this evening it seemed to be standing more tall and proud than usual. It used to […]

Song of the Palm

I love the sound of a gentle breeze moving through the tops of palm trees. The sound is similar to a peaceful fountain, or soft raindrops hitting a damp surface. Palm trees likely evoke numerous images of sunny days, sandy beaches, tanned bodies and umbrella-adorned cocktails. But for me, the palm is so much more. It’s a […]