Liquid Enlightenment

While the knee is healing quite nicely, according to my orthopaedic surgeon earlier this morning, the wrist is now the pesky annoyance on my person. Does it ever end?

It received an injection of lidocaine and cortisone almost 14 hours ago, an experiment, of sorts, to try to identify the true issue is that hides beneath the skin (which, strangely, is related to the knee incident — a.k.a., falling down on concrete). Possible nerve damage or nerve entrapment, possible carpal tunnel, possible tendonitis. All of which sound totally, ridulously awesome. Sign me up. Didn’t see that coming when I walked in for the second knee follow-up appointment.

At any rate, the wrist is injected and way, way, waaaaaaay beyond sore, it’s in a brace, and I need to write…so this may be a short one.

The Pisco Sour. Noun. A delightful cocktail, served over ice, where the pisco is reminiscent of tequila and it’s accompanied by, among other things, sugar, an egg white, bitters and lemon juice.

After buzzing the pharmacy for some pain relief, I met a friend for cocktails (pain relief in its own right). The Pisco Sour was one of them. It smelled strongly of the lemon, had a slightly sudsy, sticky foam like the little bit left over from waves after they come ashore and the water journeys across the sand, and it was pale peach in color.

On the palate, it whispered tequila, only more refreshing. Maybe it was the sugar — or the rooty earthiness of the bitters. But one thing was sure:

It was delicious.

The presentation looked like a tumultuous ocean; the taste was smooth. It was exactly how my day turned out: chaotic at first and filled with a little rockiness (injection, anyone?), followed by productive, smooth sailing.

The Pisco Sour may seem a strange thing to give thanks for, but the clear realization it brought forth after observation and then tasting was worth every sip. Some things look to be one way, but when you venture forth and experience them with multiple senses, you find out it’s not always what you thought it was.

Cheers to liquid enlightenment.

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