Let’s Climb.

Do you ever have days where you think everything is charted out, then out of the blue you get a call that turns everything upside down?

Those days are the best. They test you; they want to see what you’re made of. And they want a good answer, free of wavering, hemming and hawing.

Think you have too many meetings? Here, have another.

Think your schedule is already as full as it can be? Nope. Think again.

Think you’ve done everything you can to prepare for whatever, for whomever, for however you think your day will go? Here, check out these pretty, fascinating, come-hither degrees for a while. There are 180 of them. Just count. They want you to look closely.

At the end of the day, all we have are our actions.

Did we do our best?

Can we say we gave it our all?

If we can’t say that we did those things, then where could we have done better? And why didn’t we do it in the first place?

Sometimes those last two questions are the most difficult to answer. We’re up against something in the moment, and we let it get the best of us.

Or sometimes we know better — know what we ought to do — but we still think that giving less than our best will somehow let us slide by.

Sometimes we’re found out. Other times we’re not.

But in our quietest of moments, we know what we’re made of. And so do those tests.

Tonight I am thankful for those tests of endurance. Not marathon-sized in scope, but those little things that keep adding up.

And up.

And up.

Until you have a mountain that is begging you to climb it.

Are you up for it?

Let’s climb.

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