Suburban wildlife.

After practice tonight I stood by my car for a while, chatting away and oblivious to any blood-sucking insects that might’ve been in the vicinity. My driver’s side door was open, and I was leaning on it — seemingly inviting things to come home with me.

Apparently a ravenous mosquito decided to take me up on my offer; it hitched a ride and tagged along back to Anaheim with me. Most of the drive home I was swatting at it. Made for an interesting and fairly annoying journey.

The first time I noticed it, it flew into my forehead. I thought it might’ve been a tiny gnat or something else, so I made sure I patted my hair, clothing and person down in a fairly vigorous manner, hoping I’d kill whatever was still lurking about.

About 5 minutes later, I realized I had a terrible itch on my left forearm. I began scratching, and kept on.

And on, and on.

And I then noticed I was scratching a bug bite that had become the size of a nickel in the 20 mintues I’d been in my car.

Seriously? Where else would I find a bite before the night was over?

The swatting continued for miles, as the thing evaded me time and time again.

I exited the freeway, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was nobody on the streets, despite it only being 10:45.

As I turned into my neighborhood, one cat darted in front of my car, followed by another close behind. Nothing like a cat chase to disrupt a calm night. Despite always hearing that I shouldn’t because it’ll mess their “timing” up, I slammed on my brakes and screeched to a halt to avoid hitting them. As I turned the corner and mustered the nerve to get back up to speed, a mouse ran across my path.

(Seriously. A mouse? We have those in plain view in the neighboorhood? News to me.)

I made my way through the remaining streets, eager to put the mosquito’s shenanigans, two cats and rodent behind me. Upon turning off the car and opening my door, the dome light came on and I saw the mosquito lazily exit the vehicle and fly off into the darkness.

Good riddance.

Upon sitting down to write (and realizing that I have another bug bite on, of all places, my ear), I fully realize that a tale of suburban wildlife isn’t the most captivating topic, but it’s one that makes me thankful for a warm June evening when everything is clearly out enjoying the temperate climate. For now, however, they can have the night. I will opt for my bed.

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