The thing about a band is that regardless of how many people you don’t
know that are staring back at you while you play, the people playing
with you are there to lean on for an on-stage laugh and a familiar

No matter how nervous you might be and worried you may forget the
lyrics, one of them will be there to mouth them back to you.

No matter how confused you might be in terms of remembering how many
times the chorus will repeat, you can always count on someone to give
you a knowing glance that gets you back on track.

Tonight I am thankful not only for the individuals and wonderfully
talented musicians who make up our band, but I’m thankful for the bond
that’s developed which makes playing together nothing short of awesome
each time.

Working out new songs or jamming on the ones we’ve got down, I’m
thankful for their spirit, their energy and their passion.

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