Simple things

Some days I think I know a lot about a lot.

Other days, I feel like I know absolutely nothing.

On the topic of love, I feel like I know everything yet absolutely zilch. On the topic of life, same thing.

Some days I dole out wisdom as though they’re words I seemingly live by. On other days, I realize exactly how much those words are simply words — and that I would never abide by them myself.

Sometimes I feel content with the life I have, and other times I want the exact opposite — minus the kids and massive mortgage, that is.

Today I was reminded of what is most important to me in life, and my hope for all my tomorrows is that the subject of my importance is — simply — at peace with life.

Tonight I am thankful for so much — including the ability to wish the same level of contentment on others. I appreciate and am grateful for the little things and, for as many of those things are small and tiny — simple things, if you will — I simply wish for others to have the same appreciation and love for life that enables them to take a breath…over and over again, day in and day out, and to enjoy what they have.

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