On Bended Knee

The other day I was driving home from work and I passed a park that typically has many a duck, goose, bird and other winged friend lazily wandering about.

I saw an older man feeding one. He had his hand outstretched, and there was a large goose blissfully nibbling away at the offerings his palm held.

The man was still and patient, and he was down on the ground in a manner that made it almost appear as though he was in the middle of a deep bow or curtsy. He appeared reverent, as he was on one knee with his head hung. He seemed to be careful of not staring them down, as perhaps they would’ve felt threatened. But his statuesque quality made our feathered friends flock to his side.

The scene was beautiful, and for a split second it looked like he was expressing his appreciation for their existence. He probably was, as there’s something I’ve always gotten from feeding an animal. A hand outstretched to a creature we have limited means of communicating with is a kind gesture, and one that could very well be the beginning of a long friendship. It’s seemingly what this man wanted, and for all I knew, perhaps he’d been there daily and had built up trust with the animals. It was such a peaceful thought.

Tonight I am thankful for witnessing such a calm, serene moment as I drove by. During the hustle and bustle of my evening commute home, it was a breath of fresh air and calming to my mind to see such an exchange interaction taking place.

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