MoBev, MoDel, MoPedi

There’s a BevMo just up the street from my office, and I heard there might’ve been a little five-cent wine sale going on.

While I’ve been to a BevMo before, I’d never checked one out before for their wine sale, believe it or not; today was that day. My stash at home was all but depleted, and my palate needed new fruits of the vine to taste.

I wandered inside and was immediately excited at my new playground. But wait – what’s against the back wall? A large display that said “Tasting,” and there were people gathered around it. I scooted over to see what was up.

Jackpot: beer tasting in effect – and all for the hefty sum of $1. One.


I knew their tastings were cheap, but if that wasn’t a happy hour, I don’t know what would’ve made it happier.

Or maybe I do.

I buzzed the mall and paid a visit to the salon for my biweekly pedi, then might’ve also buzzed a Del Taco on my final leg home.

Yep, even happier.

Tonight I am thankful for my trifecta of happiness after an emotionally draining week, a week plagued by a migraine and a week of nights full of broken sleep. Here’s to finding more simple joys throughout the weekend.

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