Comfortable, Easy, Fun

Tonight on That Metal Show, Michael Anthony was talking about why Chickenfoot works. “Comfortable, easy and fun,” is what he said.

Chickenfoot, for those who don’t know, is a rock “supergroup.” They’re dudes known for their time(s) in other bands, but who are now part of a different band.

Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar make up the band, and this simple Comfortable/Easy/Fun line reminds us to do what whatever is defined by these three words.

If you’re not doing it, ask yourself why.

If you’re on the road to doing it, keep going.

If you’re exhausted from trying to get there, stay focused.

Sometimes the funniest part is that the most wise advice comes from those guys who have lived through it all and come out the other side alive.

Tonight I am simply thankful for the reminder to do what we love. Do what makes you feel great about doing it, do what makes you want to get up tomorrow to do it all over again, and do what makes you want to tell stories decades from today — stories that start out, “Twenty years ago, I did _____…and I loved every minute of it.”

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