Where to?

I believe that everything in our lives happens at the exact moment it’s supposed to happen — the good, the bad, the ugly and the supposedly “accidental.”

I went to my playwriting meeting again today and, while I was on my way there, found myself reflecting on how I started going to it in the first place.

Last fall at my old job, I started working with a new client. A few months prior I had completed a playwriting course at South Coast Repertory, and I’d gotten on some of their email lists.

One email I received shortly before last Christmas was promoting a collection of one-act plays, and I noticed that one of the writers had the same last name as my client. Turns out it was my client’s father.

I was invited to the playwriting group by client’s dad, and a few short months later I had moved on to a new job.

The new job has a ton of work-life balance. And I’m still attending the meetings with my (now ex) client’s dad. I didn’t know I was looking for a more structured forum in which to discuss writing until I found it. And what a small world to have found it through a client that I started working with only a few months before I quit my last job.

Today I finally had that feeling I’ve been waiting for. I left the meeting feeling 100% inspired, comfortable, welcomed and ready. Not 80%, not 90%. 100%. Finally.

I’ve been impatient for this feeling to come. But today I realized that everything happened the way it should to get me to this afternoon. In exactly nine months’ time, I’m finally ready to finish my half-baked plays and submit them for official membership into the group. Some people have babies in such an amount of time. My writings are my kids.

Everything happens in its own time. And it’s up to us to notice the chain of events and harness its energy. To feed off it, if you will. Everything happens for a reason, and we owe it to that reason to take action and do something. To go somewhere.

What’s happening in your life? What signs have you seen that you’ve perhaps been too quick to brush aside and disregard? Where do those things point, and to where do those events lead? Do they lead to a change? To a dream? I think we all need to ask ourselves one question: where to?

Tonight I am thankful for the chain of events in my life that have been taking place over the last nine months and for the destination I reached today. Today marks the start of a new chain of events and, while it’s impossible to say whether this next one will last nine months, more or less, it will be a journey worth taking. Because they always are.

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