Wanna dance?

If you’d have told me years ago that my days of working among racing’s elite would one day lead to dancing, I’d have thought you were crazy. But that’s just what’s about to happen.

A former client of mine invited me to tonight’s taping of “Dancing with the Stars” and I couldn’t be more thrilled to attend. I’m not a die-hard viewer of the show, but when the opportunity to see one of our former IndyCar racers twirl, glide, groove and sashay around the dance floor presents itself, of course my answer will be an enthusiastic “yes.” 

Cocktail attire is required, and I stopped by Nordstrom yesterday on my way home from my playwriting meeting to snag a dress. I found one — one that fit more into the “gown” category versus being a mere “dress” — and surprised myself when a smaller size than I’d normally purchase happened to fit. Thank you, Weight Watchers.

Upon getting it home, I then realized I’d need to wear a towering heel to keep from stepping on the darned thing, as it was long and slighly flowy toward the bottom. Duh — way to not realize such a thing in the dressing room. No bueno, being that I don’t have sky-high shoes. What to do, what to do.

I rifled through the dress section of my closet and found a black cocktail dress that I wore a few years back to an evening wedding. I haven’t been able to wear it since that event, but I figured I’d try it on. Success! Thanks again, Weight Watchers. And with that, I returned to Nordstrom with the dress I’d just purchased and kept my chunk of change safe and sound.

Today I’m simply thankful for the plethora of little things that all add up to big joy: I’m thankful for a tool that lets me track everything I eat and, in return, shows me results, I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend a taping that I’d likely never stand a chance at seeing otherwise, and I’m thankful for an understanding manager who told me to go, have a great time and enjoy the taping — and to report back on all the details tomorrow. I feel lucky, blessed and — if my knee lets me — I just might do a little happy dance of my own later on.

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