Even if

After tonight, I’ll have blogged for 276 consecutive days. And even if most people haven’t read my posts, I’m thankful for the habit I’ve formed for myself.

Even if nothing ever comes of this writing dream long after other projects beyond Thanky are tackled, I can say that I tried.

Even if those who read these get nothing from them, I can still hope they’ll tell someone about the blog who might.

Even if the only purpose of Thanky is so I can tell someone else about the ease of setting up a blog so that they can help their own dreams take flight, it will have done its job.

Even if I’ll never know who takes what away from the daily posts, the hope that something someday will resonate with someone keeps me going.

Tonight I am thankful for everything Thanky has given to me, for everything it has the potential to give to others, and for the inspiration it gives me to continue at least through the year, but for sure with other writings for as long as I’m able.

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