Simmer on low.

The charm of cooking is that not only do you [hopefully] get tasty vittles when all is said and done, but it can teach us quite a bit in the process, as well.

Too fired up? Reduce your heat. Remove yourself from an intense situation and allow yourself to cool down. Need more balance in your life? Keep an eye on things, and get some good color on all sides…don’t focus on just one.

Someone else’s solution not working for you? Add salt to taste, and make things palatable for you — not for anyone else.

Can’t deal with everyone at one time? Gently separate your yolks from the whites. Don’t handle with care, and things get messy. Handle with care and everyone can live in harmony.

Need to cut loose and celebrate? Grab your truffle oil or a shot of ouzo — but use sparingly. All things in moderation. All things.

Don’t know how you’ll get there — to that goal, to the end of a project, to that place in life where you want to be? Simmer on low. Keep your heat on, and keep going. Slow and steady will win the race in time.

Tonight I’m thankful for my umpteenth month (year?) of ritualistic evening food show viewing which, just today, yielded a few handy reminders for the months and years ahead. Food for thought indeed.

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