The Chase

A new Sarah Brightman album is about to be released, and her website has recently been revamped. Its intro is somewhat magical and mysterious, hopeful yet dreamlike. In it, she differentiates between being a dreamer, and being a dream chaser. I used to think I was the former until I heard the intro. Now I fancy myself the latter.

A dreamer says, “Wouldn’t it be great if?” A dreamer says, “I wish I could…”

A dreamer says, “I don’t have enough time.”

A dreamer thinks her head is probably in the clouds, and might even feel guilty about it sometimes.

A dream chaser, however, says, “I’m going to try.”

A dream chaser says, “I will.”

A dream chaser makes time, and that dream chaser loves the fact that her head is in the clouds — because the view is amazing.

Tonight I am thankful for dreams to chase, for clouds to daydream among, for time to race against and for the drive to find out “what if” instead of wondering why I didn’t.

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