Fall’s arrival

Although it began five days ago, this is the first day that October has felt like October. And while autumn settled in for its months-long visit a couple weeks back, today is the first day that my thoughts have been colored by burnt oranges, rich golds and warm shades of brown.

It might have had something to do with a plethora of images being posted all day long by businesses that I follow on Facebook. Williams-Sonoma, Le Potager, Bevmo, breweries and wineries all shared photos of fall-themed beverages, dishes, decor, and numerous pictures contained jewel-toned leaves which stared back at me.

Tonight when I got home, there was a chill in the air; I grabbed my old, trusty Ugg boots which have turned into ratty slippers for around the house, flipped on the TV and noticed one of my old favorites on back-to-back: “You’ve Got Mail,” complete with its holiday-heavy scenes, what with mentions of fall in New York, bouquets of sharpened pencils, Christmas trees being shopped for and white twinkle lights strewn about the set.

I made some popcorn, poured a glass of wine and settled in to watch. With the French doors open ever so slightly and the evening insects busy serenading the stars, the season felt like one that would be enjoyable. And even though I was beyond confident that I’d microwaved a bag of popcorn that had been expired for quite some time and that my Malbec was on its last legs after having been open the better part of the week, I was happy to be here. On the couch, decompressing. Sitting. I was happy to just be.

Tonight I am thankful for the change of seasons, although I’m certain we’ll have more summer-like weather again before too long. I’m thankful for simple pleasures, for quiet time and for a peaceful existence.

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