Christmas in November

Having the flu is one of the worst things ever. Having it after a trip to Vegas is just plain annoying, as one can expect to receive texts asking if I’m reeeeeally home sick. Yes, I am. Feel free to swing by later – I’d be happy to infect you.

I had tickets to see one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris, speak tonight at Chapman University. Well, missed that.

I was going to take my mom with me, and dinner beforehand was going to be her treat since I’d snagged the tickets. Instead, her treat was a grocery bag of Diet 7UP, Saltines and Gatorade that she picked up for me and left in the kitchen, all while I was holed away and mid-nap in my bedroom, nearly drowning in a pool of sweat. Mmm.

I ache. Everywhere. I’m cold, I’m hot (some would say this is typical of females, but I disagree), my head is pounding, and standing up to take 1.5 steps to turn my bedside light on or off is equivalent to a climber’s attempt to scale Everest. Never before have I wished that I had my lights connected to The Clapper the way I wish for such an invention tonight.

About an hour ago, I briefly considered not blogging. Curse you, flu! How dare such thoughts enter my head. Fortunately I downloaded the awesome Posterous app (shameless plug) to blog with ease while in Vegas, so I had no excuse not to blog. Two nights ago I was blogging from high above the Vegas Strip. Tonight, I blog from my bed and the semi-tangled mess of blankets that surround me. I’m flat on my back, my arms are sore from holding this iPhone and blogging with it mere inches from my face, and my arms are freezing. Probably time to turn in, lest I blog from a blanket-made cave.

All that aside, tonight I am thankful that this didn’t hit me on my five-hour drive home yesterday, and for my mama who, without question, threw on her nurse’s hat, shopped and delivered for me. Christmas is still over a month away, but today’s crackers and liquids were enough to make me mumble an audible, “Oh, thank God” when I finally shuffled into the kitchen and saw them. Christmas in November, indeed.

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