As of tonight, this blog has 7,260 views.

It’s hardly a number to write home about in blog-land, but it’s 7,260 more views than I had the moment this blog became a public space.

I’ve wondered before about who reads these, who cares, who is affected by them, who reads them out of boredom and who reads them because they might have accidentally come across them.

I wonder if anyone has ever been offended by anything I’ve written but, truth be told, it wouldn’t keep me up at night if somebody was. One of my writing vows was to be authentic and not edit too much – not necessarily to be PC at all times.

Views happen day in and day out, 24/7/365. They happen when you’re on the clock, off the clock, online or offline. They happen when people are watching, obviously, and when you think nobody is.

Seeing the number of blog views go up day after day is a glaring reminder of how many other views may go unnoticed by each of us on a daily basis. And while the outcome of a storm is important, so is our conduct during it. Doing good us important, but so is the motive behind it.

Tonight I am thankful for the reminder that views happen whether we want them to or not, and whether we’re aware of them or not. Some views can make us, while some have the quite possibly have the potential to break us. But views are views are views…and so long as good is the backbone of everything people might see, could any outcome be that bad?

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