“A failure to meet a certain standard; a fault or defect.”

Defect? Ouch.

Shortcomings can be pretty burdensome things. They’ll keep you up at night, affect your sense of self-esteem and make you question even your most simple actions and thoughts.

The worst is when shortcomings aren’t from your own doing – they’re ones you’ve inherited from someone else’s comments, situations you’ve been in or from just the quiet judgement that others radiate and that we pick up on.

Still other shortcomings are formed within – in our hearts and minds, and they come from our own intense scrutiny. Being hyper-aware can be annoying, but if it’s harnessed and used as a means to improve, are the shortcomings we perceive in ourselves really shortcomings, or are they opportunities?

As for those shortcomings that others bestow upon us, they’re most likely their own – not ours. And if a shortcoming is defined as a failure to meet a certain standard, whose standards should be more important than our own? Certainly not theirs.

Tonight I am thankful for my shortcomings – those not given to me by anyone else – and for knowing that I can work them out for myself and reach my own standards in my own time…not on anyone else’s clock. And there’s certainly no fault in that.

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