The Grasp is Greener

Some people say the grass is always greener, but sometimes it’s less about the grass and more about the grasp.

The grass will always beckon, always tell you that what you have isn’t good enough. It tells you that you can do better. It might even make you feel a little bad about your status in life.

The grass flaunts its color; we’re impressed by its vibrancy. We marvel at its manicured appearance that says to us, “This, too, can be yours.”

The grasp, however, reminds us that the best parts in life aren’t found when we’re envying or coveting, they’re found when we listen to ourselves and go after what we want, not what we think others expect us to have, and not what we think will make us more appealing or more ideal. Even if we fail in reaching our goal, the process of trying to grasp and take the reins on our dreams contains lessons that the grass does not.

Tonight I am thankful for the grass which reaches out to us and tries to bring us over to its side, but I am more thankful for the grasping we do in the direction of our own aspirations. The grasp teaches us if we allow it, guides if we ask it and it speaks if we’re willing to listen.

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