A Tree in 12

Aside from it being a completely bizarre day, it was also completely busy.

It was a little chaotic, a little frenetic. A little exhilarating, a lot exhausting.

It was filled with new stuff to be learned, and also with projects that I’d planned to crank out but which didn’t get done.

It was full of coffee, but which didn’t deliver the energy for the amount that I’d consumed. Fail.

When I got on the elevators tonight, I inhaled deeply then exhaled, excited to be heading home for the day. And then I realized something. I wasn’t smelling the finishes inside the elevator. I wasn’t smelling cleaning solution from the crew that had been moving from floor to floor. I didn’t smell our dinner that had been delivered an hour or so earlier, either. I saw little specks of glitter on the carpet, and I smelled pine.

This morning I walked into the lobby and it was business as usual. Twelve hours later, I exited my elevator and walked through the same lobby, where a massive Christmas tree proudly stood. It shared its holiday scent with all who passed by. It invited them to leave their stress on the ground in front of it. It was glorious.

Its smell erased the day’s chaos and my exhaustion. It energized me in a way that my day’s worth of coffee wasn’t able to do. I looked around to make sure nobody was looking (except for the security cameras, natch), and approached the tree to take a big whiff of one of its branches.

Weird? Probably.

But heavenly? You bet.

Tonight I am thankful for the Christmas tree which sprouted over the course of today, and for its therapeutic qualities — qualities far better, in my opinion, than any scented candle or aromatherapy product on the market today.

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